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Services that we provide:


Routine check-ups and cleanings using special dental instruments will ensure that the teeth and gums are free of build-up and disease.  Each patient will require a different level of cleaning based on their oral and systemic health. 

Tooth-colored composite fillings
These fillings are made of a white resin (plastic) that can help stregthen the tooth and make it more natural-looking than silver fillings

Root Canals
When a tooth is badly decayed or is damaged from an accident, the nerve inside the tooth can cause pain.  A root canal removes the damaged nerve and fills the nerve canal to remove the sensation of pain.

Crowns are coverings over teeth when they are badly broken, cracked, or after the tooth had a root canal.  Crowns are used to strengthen teeth and can make teeth appear white and natural-looking.

When there are gaps between teeth, a bridge can be used connect the two teeth on either side of the gap and fill in the space with an artificial tooth.

Orthodontics (braces)
Crooked teeth can lead to uneven wear of the teeth as well as facial abnomalities.  Having straight teeth with a proper bite will improve function and self esteem.  We highly recommend a complimentary orthodontic screening for all children between the ages of 8 to 18.  Starting orthodontics early will lead to a more ideal outcome.

When you are missing many teeth (4 or more), an economical way of replacing them is with full dentures or partial dentures.  These are removable and should be taken out of your mouth at night-time

When there is a missing tooth, a titanium screw (the implant) can be placed in the bone.  The implant then attaches to a crown to restore a natural-feeling bite.

We always try to save teeth.  However, some teeth are so badly decayed or broken that they are deemed un-saveable.  It may be best to extract the tooth to prevent any future infections.



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